Introductory Clinics

An Introductory Clinic is a great way to begin to understand horse psychology and get an insight into how they learn and how they see us. We teach basic ground skills designed to keep you safe and make a change in the horse-human relationship. Using body control techniques you will learn how to help your horse become more confident and more yielding to you both mentally and physically.

All being well, we will also introduce you to the beginnings of freestyle riding where you will transfer the body control skills that you learnt on the ground into the saddle.  An Introductory Clinic leads perfectly into one of our Safety & Confidence in the Saddle clinics where we look at this in more detail.

Confidence in the Saddle Clinics

It's hard to have fun when you don't feel safe or confident on your horse.

If you have attended an Introductory Clinic with us the next step is one of our "Confidence in the Saddle" clinics. We will show you how to transfer your new leadership skills from the ground into the saddle to ensure a safe and confident ride for both you and your horse.


Even if you don't have any control or confidence issues this is still a great way to start developing your independent seat and reducing your reliance on your reins for balance and control.

Green Horse Clinics

We run Green Horse Clinics all over New Zealand. They are aimed at horses that have been started under saddle, but have less than 100 hours of riding time since then (roughly).

These clinics are a great way to socialise a young or inexperienced horse in a safe and supportive environment. We look at the sequence for developing a young horse and help you identify any "holes" that you may have and give you strategies for fixing them.

Natural horsemanship ground skills are a pre-requisite for this clinic (minimum Introductory Clinic).

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New Zealand Schedule

"Confidence is everything - for you and your horse"


Our five day camps are usually held at Brumby Farm and are a great way to immerse yourself in your horsemanship. They are taught by two Instructors and cover all four areas of development:ground skills, Liberty, Freestyle riding and Finesse. We aim to teach practical horsemanship so will use cows, obstacles and challenges to give your horse a purpose.

Camps are a great way to connect with like-minded people and spend uninterrupted time with your horse.

Experience Weeks


Experience Weeks are held at Brumby Farm and allow students a unique insight into life at a busy horsemanship centre. Each day there is a 3 hr group lesson in the morning and each afternoon you are free to use the facilities to practice what you have learned or have a private lesson with Ruth or Russell (at extra, but reduced, charge)

They are a lot of fun and usually involve putting horsemanship principles to purpose on the various Brumby Farm obstacles.

They are open to anyone who has attended an Introductory Clinic with us.

$800 for the week (includes horse board and camping on site)

Trail Camps

Our popular Horsemanship Trail Camps aim to help horses and humans gain confidence on the trail.  We start with our "Arena to Trail" clinic at Brumby Farm where we help you and your horse to become confident riding in a group and in more open spaces, whilst still in a safe and controlled environment.

From there we organise camps at various locations around New Zealand. They are based around "training on the move" where we take the time it takes to help horses settle into the new herd dynamics and new environments.

Liberty Clinics

As Pat Parelli said "When you take off the halter and lead rope all you have left is the truth". Playing at liberty with your horse is a great way to test the strength of your relationship and develop more subtle communication and cues.  Brumby Farm was designed with teaching liberty in mind and our "honeycomb" has four permanent round corals so groups can learn together. Look out for our Liberty for Beginners and Advancing Liberty Clinics.

 Riding Dynamics Clinics

Riding Dynamics Clinics are an eye-opening experience. Using theory, simulations and ridden exercises Ruth will help you to understand how your horse moves naturally and how this changes when we ride them. You will feel how small changes to your position and posture have a huge influence on your horse - for good and bad.

You will never ride the same again after attending this clinic.

Whether for Cowboy Challenges, Trek, CRT, Working Equitation or just for fun, getting your horse confident with obstacles is a great goal. Here at Brumby Farm we have a wide variety of permanent and temporary obstacles to play with. Let us teach you how to introduce your horse to "overs, under, throughs and betweens" in such a way as to ensure their confidence and curiosity.

Confidence with obstacles Clinics