The Connected Horse Course NZ$390

Starting with "The Connected Horse Course" you will be able to learn at home, at your own pace with your own horse.  The Connected Horse Course can stand-alone or be part of a progressive three part series designed to help you feel more confident both on the ground and in the saddle, feel more connected with your horse and start to really enjoy your riding time.

This on-line course will take you step-by-step through the training sequence that we teach in our clinics and use with our own horses


What is "Connection"?

Often we see horses that are innately calm and gentle, but they may not be very responsive to the point of actually being dull. Despite popular belief these horses are no safer than unconfident, over-reactive horses. If they don’t respond to your requests to follow a feel or move out of your space when all is well in their world it is easy to get into trouble when you are in a serious situation that needs a quick response - stop, go or move out of the way.  We need to concentrate on getting these horses more responsive. 

The opposite is true of horses that are overly stimulated and over-reactive.   Our main goal with them is to work towards getting them calmer. As we get them calmer we usually go through a time when they get less responsive. It is a process of swinging the pendulum until it settles in the middle which is a calm and responsive horse.  It is here that you have a horse that is connected with you. It is attentive and ready to respond, but is calmly waiting for guidance from you.

This on-line course will take you step-by-step through the process of helping your horse to be both calm and responsive and therefore connected with you so you can both feel safe and start having some fun.

Over 20 years of experience teaching horses and humans have gone into creating a practical framework that will help your horse find the perfect balance between calmness and responsiveness. It starts on the ground by developing the foundations for a deeper level of connection with your horse. 

  • Help your horse find the perfect balance between being calm yet responsive and create a connection that will allow you to feel safe and confident. 

  • We introduce you to, and build your knowledge of, the ground skills that are the building blocks for safety and performance in the saddle. 

  • We help you understand how your horse learns so you can get the most out of your training sessions in a practical yet creative way .

  • Test your progress with some fun challenges along the way with the support of an exclusive Facebook support group.

Connection in the saddle

Coming Soon

the next in the series


Connection in the Saddle

This is the second in the series and whilst it continues your ground preparations for a safe ride it then shows you step-by-step how to keep that mental connection in the saddle.

Advancing your Connection

This is the last in the series and starts to really progress your partnership. You take the solid connection that you have created on the ground and in the saddle and you start to look at the foundations for performance.

Advancing your connection

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