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18th/19th February 2023

Brumby Farm Clinics

The Foundation Series

We feel that to really make a change to both yours and your horse's skill levels it is best to commit to a programme of learning rather than a little bit of this and a little bit of that.  That is why we have our Foundation Series. Over these three clinics you will build on the skills that you developed previously to help your horse become a dependable partner that is both calm and responsive


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Introduction to Horsemanship

Stage 1

This is where it all starts - on the ground.

In our Stage 1 clinic you learn about horse psychology, how horses learn, how to build confidence and how to create responsiveness in order to stay safe and have fun on the ground. This clinic is the pre-requisite to most of our other clinics, both ridden and liberty.


Cost: $440


Safety & Control in the Saddle

Stage 2

The second clinic in the three foundation series clinics. This one is all about transferring your ground skills into the saddle with an emphasis on safety. Learn how to prepare your horse for riding and develop the "three essentials" in the saddle of lateral flexion, hind quarter yields and "go". Students must have completed a Stage 1 ground skills clinic with us.

Cost: $440

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Advancing Horsemanship

Stage 3

This is the third in our foundation series and concentrates on advancing  the ground skills and riding from the previous two clinics. We cover increasing speed and distance on the ground, increasing responsiveness, introduce the support rein and the canter. This is open to anyone who has done the previous clinics.

Cost $440

You can book each individually at full price, Stages 1 & 2 for $800 or $1100 for the whole series.

18th/19th November 2023   Brumby Farm, Te Awamutu

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27th/28th January 2024

Brumby Farm, Te Awamutu

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2oth/21st January 2024   Brumby Farm, Te Awamutu  

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2nd/3rd March 2024   

Brumby Farm, Te Awamutu

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Experience Week - Green Horse

20th - 24th November 2023

Screen Shot 2020-07-14 at 8.42.46 AM.jpg

Do you have a young or green horse and would like some help progressing his foundation training, especially after winter?  If you have completed an Introductory Clinic with us before then come along and spend five days progressing your horsemanship with morning clinics and the afternoons to  practice using the fabulous facilities or book a private lesson with Ruth or Russell.

Cost: $850 (includes camping, horse board and lunches)

Experience Week - Arena to Trail

15th/19th January 2024


Do you want to go trail riding, but can't get out of the arena? This five day Experience Week is a great way of introducing riding in a group and in an open space whilst still in a safe environment. Arena exercises will set you and your horse up for riding out in the Brumby Farm playground in a safe and controlled way. Great for green horses and less confident riders. The morning is spent riding and the afternoons are your own to practice, chill out or have private lessons.


You need to have completed an Introductory Clinic with us.

Cost $850 (includes camping, horse board and lunches)

Confidence with Obstacles Clinic

10th - 11th February 2024

Obstacles can be a great test for your partnership with your horse but did you know,....... there is a way to approach obstacles to improve everything you do with your horse?

Using a technique-based approach to an obstacle may lead to some success with that obstacle, however using an approach based on psychology leads to the challenge of that obstacle reducing the challenge of other obstacles. So whether you just want to get your horse more confident or whether you want to compete in obstacle-based competition, this clinic is for you.

Cost $440 (plus $15/night horse board)


Experience Week - Ride Better (or Ride Less Cr*p)

12th - 16th February 2024

Foundation Progress Camp

Screen Shot 2021-02-03 at 10.30.04 AM.jpg

Everyone wants to be a better rider so why not spend a week learning all about YOU.  This week aims to give you insights into how your riding influences your horse. We look at the effects of rider posture, balance, weight distribution and focus on your horse and give you the body awareness to begin to do less to achieve more. Mornings are spent covering:

  • Body awareness simulations

  • Theory sessions

  • Understanding how your horse moves and why some things are difficult

  • Rider makeovers

  • Seat awareness exercises

Afternoons are your own time to practice, chill out or have private lessons.

Cost $850 (includes camping, horse board and lunches)

Your horse needs to be able to be ridden in a group with no major behaviour problems.

13th - 17th March 2024


This camp is only open to students who have completed our first two foundation series clinics.  With five full days of tuition you will immerse yourself in horsemanship and accelerate your progress.


Cost: $1290 includes camping, horse board and lunches

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