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Liberty Academy 2025 - Sorry we're full

Extraordinary results require extraordinary effort and that is what our Liberty Academy students put in over the summer.  Few of them would have believed that they would be in an open space with 16 other horses all at liberty, able to do an Easter Egg hunt, an obstacle course and an individual spotlight all at liberty in an 80 x 45 area ..... but they all did!

So, we are going to do it all again in 2024/25.

The Liberty Academy is a series of three modules for people who are really serious about progressing their liberty.  You can start at the beginning with Modules 1 - 3 or, if you did last year's Liberty Academy you can sign up for Advanced Modules 4 - 6. Priority for the beginners group will be given to people who have done an Introductory Ground Skills clinic with us before.

The Academy ends with a graduation Easter Camp.


2nd/3rd November 2024

Module 1 for beginning group and Module 4 for advancing group


1st/2nd February 2025

Module 2 for beginning group and Module 5 for advancing group


15th/16th March  2025

Module 3 for beginning group and Module 6 for advancing group


Easter Camp

18th - 21st April 2025


  • Priority will be given to those who have done an Introductory Ground Skills clinic with us before.

  • Two groups per clinic each doing two sessions day with their horse

  • Homework set after each clinic and videos to recap work covered

  • Only eight students per group

  • Easter Camp brings everything together with demos, challenges, spotlights and competitions

The cost for the three Modules plus the Easter Camp* is $2,101 (includes horse board and camping for Friday/Saturday of weekend clinics and Thursday to Sunday of Easter Camp

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