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" A good start isn't something, it's everything"

Horse Development

Young horse handling

Russell takes young horses from yearlings upwards for pre-start handling. During their time with us at Brumby Farm they learn:

1.How to yield from steady pressure so they follow a feel on the halter, move their forehands, hind quarters and back up.

2. About personal space and how to yield from driving pressure.

3. How to pick and hold their feet up

4. Confidence with going over and through obstacles, and trailer loading if requested.

Starting under saddle

After nearly two decades of starting young horses for the public Russell is taking a break from this part of the business and concentrating on training the next generation of young horse developers at Brumby Farm.

Foundation Training

Russell and Ruth take horses for continued education, or foundation training. Once they have been started under saddle their life as a riding horse begins.  A good foundation sets them up for whatever discipline they may end up in whether that be a safe trail horse or a competetive dressage horse. A foundation teaches them how to yield softly, how to stop, go and turn from your seat, what each rein and leg position means in isolation before being used in more complex exercises.  A good foundation allows them to excel in whatever specialisation awaits them.

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