Horse Development

Starting under saddle

After nearly two decades of starting young horses for the public Russell is taking a break from this part of the business and concentrating on training the next generation of young horse developers at Brumby Farm.


Limited opportunities are available for horses to be started by Russell's apprentice's under his supervision.We have them with us for four weeks during which time they are introduced to their new life as a riding horse using the "colt start skeleton" of:

  • Accept the human

  • Accept the saddle

  • Accept the rider

  • Accept the bit

Please contact us to see if there is a place available.

*We will not start a horse under the age of three years old and older than six years old. Unfortunately we do not have the facilities to start stallions.

Under some circumstances we will accept "restarts"on a case-by-case basis.

Foundation Training

Russell and Ruth will take horses that have already been started for further foundation training. The minimum time is 10 hours, but longer stays can be arranged. Email Ruth to get a price for your individual horse's needs.

Float/Trailer loading

Russell will take horses for float/trailer loading training. Please email for details.


Brumby Farm Horsemanship Centre

466 Pirongia Road, RD6

Te Awamutu 3876



Phone: + 64 (0) 27 9486782

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