In these challenging times it is not going to be easy to get to a clinic or a lesson with us for a while, but you can now get access to great advice and support through our virtual coaching programme and our RH Coaching Club.. 



Let's go virtual

The RH Coaching Club - Full 

The RH Coaching Club is a six month programme that uses purpose and challenges to help people develop their horsemanship. It started on 1st June and is now closed to new members.

For NZ$50 per month you get:

  • access to our exclusive Virtual Coaching Club page on Facebook where we will post the training materials 

  • Test challenges

  • Training videos (groundskills and ridden)

  • Bi-monthly Q&As

  • Three video coaching sessions over six months (5 mins of video assessed and feedback given)

  • As well as entry to three virtual tournaments in July, September and November

Enjoy being part of a supportive and progressive community from all over the world.  All you need is a Facebook account, and a horse.

Or for something more tailored

Virtual Coaching

Whether you just want a one-off consultation or a package of sessions it is now easy, all you need is something to video with, a Youtube account, an email address and something like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or Zoom for our video or phone chats. If you're not sure about any of them just ask a teenager!

If you are not sure what you would like help with think about areas like:


"what do I do about this behaviour in my horse?"

 "how do I teach my horse to ........",

 "can you help me progress with a bespoke training plan?"

 "how can I improve my riding position and effectiveness in the saddle?" 

Providing it is something that we are suitably qualified and experienced to help you with we will come up with a coaching plan.

Virtual Coaching Package

  • six 10 minute videos viewed and critiqued

  • six written feedback sessions 

  • two 20 minute video or voice calls

Pay-as-you-go Coaching NZ$50
  • one five minute video viewed and critiqued plus a 2 minute follow-up video viewed and critiqued

  • Written feedback

  • one 10 minute video or voice call 


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