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1st June 2020 join us wherever you are in the world

Starting on 1st June we will have a membership-based virtual coaching club giving you access to groundskills and ridden challenges, video training tips, Q&A's, 3 video coaching sessions and 3 virtual tournaments over a six month period. All for just NZ$50 per month.

Need a little extra help?

Try our Virtual Coaching packages

Whether you just want a one-off consultation or a package of sessions it is now easy, all you need is something to video with, a Youtube account, an email address and something like FacebookMessenger, WhatsApp or Zoom for our video or phone chats. If you're not sure about any of them just ask a teenager!

If you are not sure what you would like help with think about areas like:


"what do I do about this behaviour in my horse?"

 "how do I teach my horse to ........",

 "can you help me progress with a bespoke training plan?"

 "how can I improve my riding position and effectiveness in the saddle?" 

Providing it is something that we are suitably qualified and experienced to help you with we will come up with a coaching plan.

Who are we?

Russell Higgins and Ruth Carlyle own and run Brumby Farm Horsemanship Centre in Te Awamutu, New Zealand. Between them they have over 30 years of teaching experience and they continue to study regularly with world-renowned clinicians to expand their skills as educators and horsemen.

They spend nine months of the year in New Zealand teaching natural horsemanship clinics and the remaining months travelling overseas to teach. 

Both Ruth and Russell are passionate about helping horses and humans to understand each other better. It is no surprise that many people come along to their clinics or send them horses for training because the dream that they had with horses has turned into a nightmare. People lose confidence, horses lose confidence, they lose confidence in each other and their relationship is in a downward spiral. 

Their goal is to help people:

  • Feel safe with their horse

  • Have fun with their horse

  • Become excellent for their horse

The good news is that it is possible to learn these skills. You don't have to be a professional horse-person or have competition goals; anyone can learn to read their horse and be the leader that their horse needs.

some of our videos


Brumby Farm Horsemanship Centre

466 Pirongia Road, RD6

Te Awamutu 3876


Email: brumbyfarm@xtra.co.nz

Phone: + 64 (0) 27 9486782

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