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Russell Higgins and Ruth Carlyle own and run Brumby Farm Horsemanship Centre in Te Awamutu, New Zealand.


Between them they have over 30 years of horsemanship teaching experience and they continue to study regularly with world-renowned equestrian clinicians to expand their skills as educators and horsemen.

They spend nine months of the year in New Zealand teaching natural horsemanship clinics and the remaining months travelling overseas to teach. 

Both Ruth and Russell are passionate about helping horses and humans to understand each other better. It is no surprise that many people come along to their clinics or send them horses for training because the dream that they had with horses has turned into a nightmare. People lose confidence, horses lose confidence, they lose confidence in each other and their relationship is in a downward spiral. 

Their goal is to help people:

  • Feel safe with their horse

  • Have fun with their horse

  • Become excellent for their horse

The good news is that it is possible to learn these horsemanship skills. You don't have to be a professional horse-person or have competition goals; anyone can learn to read their horse and be the leader that their horse needs.

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Whatever your experience of natural horsemanship our aim through our on-line coaching club is to educate, challenge and support you to help your horse become a fun and functional partner. With lots of "can you" challenges and "how to videos" we keep you progressing whatever your horsemanship goals.  Whether you are interested in just keeping safe on the ground and in the saddle or want to learn how to play at liberty or start lateral moves with precision there is something for you.

The RH Coaching Club

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This is such a fantastic journey with opportunity for growth for both you and your horse. The challenges that Russell and Ruth set up and the how to videos break it all down so that the things you have only dreamed about are slowly becoming a reality

Sheryl, New Zealand

"Loading for Life" our on-line trailer-loading course
(NZ$390 with 25% winter discount if you use the code OFFER at checkout )

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Never miss out on those adventures again because you can't load your horse onto the float, trailer or truck.


With over 7 hours of educational material this step-by-step on-line training course takes you through the process that we use with all our own horses and those that come to us for training.

Take the stress out of trailer loading.

Our generous sponsors:

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Tranzliquid Logistics Limited is a Kiwi family business owned by Greg, Gareth and Jackie. Greg and Jackie have been regulars at our liberty clinics with their horses, Stella and A'Pachee and have very generously sponsored us a Waitomo fuel card. Anyone who works with and transports horses knows how the fule bills can quickly add up.

Keeping and training horses in the "dairy belt" of New Zealand is a challenge. The soil has been over fertilized for years and all the wrong types of grasses and clover love it. Without the mineral products from Calm, Healthy Horses we would struggle to have horses that were mentally and physically balanced. Not only are the products great quality, Jenny Paterson's website is a great source of advice.

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